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VIP Styling Package with Crystal Ivy London: Your Red Carpet Experience

Elevate your style and experience a taste of celebrity treatment with our exclusive VIP Styling Package, curated in collaboration with the renowned fashion stylist, Crystal Ivy London. This package is the epitome of luxury and sophistication, designed to make you feel like a star on your special day.



**What the VIP Styling Package Includes:**

1. **Personal Consultation with Crystal Ivy:** Your VIP journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with Crystal Ivy London herself. Crystal will delve deep into your style preferences, event details, and personal aspirations, ensuring every element of your look aligns with your vision.

2. **Custom Couture Wardrobe Selection:** Crystal Ivy will curate a bespoke wardrobe tailored exclusively for your special event. From exquisite gowns to meticulously chosen accessories, you'll be dressed to impress in a style that is uniquely yours.


3. **Red Carpet Makeup Artistry:** Step into the spotlight with confidence, as our expert makeup artist works their magic. Receive a personalized makeup session designed to enhance your features and complement your chosen outfit.


4. **Hairstyling Excellence:** Your hair will be in the capable hands of our skilled hairstylist, who will create a stunning and sophisticated hairstyle that perfectly complements your overall look.


5. **Fitting and Alterations:** Enjoy a private fitting session to ensure every detail of your attire fits flawlessly. Any necessary alterations will be made to guarantee a seamless and comfortable fit.

6. **Photography Session:** (OPTIONAL) Capture your radiant beauty with a professional photoshoot to commemorate this unforgettable moment. Crystal Ivy London will oversee the shoot to ensure every angle highlights your unique style.

7. **VIP Event Support:** On the day of your special event, Crystal Ivy London will be there to assist with any last-minute adjustments and ensure you're red carpet-ready. You'll step out with poise and grace, turning heads wherever you go.


8. **Ongoing Style Guidance:** Beyond the event, Crystal Ivy London will remain your style confidante, offering post-event support and guidance to help you continue to look and feel your best.

Indulge in the ultimate VIP Styling Package with Crystal Ivy London and experience the red carpet treatment you deserve. Whether it's a gala, awards ceremony, wedding, or any other special occasion, this package is designed to make you shine like a star.

Book your VIP Styling Package today and let us transform your dream look into a reality. Prepare to step into the spotlight with confidence and grace, knowing that every detail has been carefully curated to make you the star of the show. Your red carpet experience awaits!

What’s Included?

• 1 hour 30-minute ‘Style Awakening’ consultation with Crystal

• A  day of pampering with make-up and hair on the day of the event.
• A personalized ‘Style Roadmap’ that visually outlines your new sense of style


Here is where it gets good:

• Professional hair and makeup sessions with top stylists
• Styling session with Crystal and an on-site tailor to fit your clothes to perfection
• Food and beverages of your choice
• Personalized gift bag filled with items to maintain your A-list look
• 30-minute virtual follow-up session to help you maintain your look

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