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Elevate Your Style with Crystal Ivy London - One-on-One Personal Styling Package

Are you ready to embark on a transformative style journey with a world-class fashion stylist? Look no further than our exclusive One-on-One Personal Styling Package with the incomparable Crystal Ivy London. Known for her impeccable taste, keen eye for detail, and ability to redefine individual style, Crystal Ivy is your partner in achieving a fashion-forward, confidence-boosting wardrobe like no other.



What Crystal Ivy London's Personal Styling Package Includes:

1. **Comprehensive Style Assessment:** Your style transformation begins with an in-depth consultation with Crystal Ivy herself. Discuss your fashion aspirations, lifestyle, and unique preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your personal style is considered.


2. **Wardrobe Audit:** Crystal Ivy will personally evaluate your existing wardrobe, identifying timeless treasures, overlooked gems, and items that may need an update or replacement.

3. **Bespoke Style Blueprint:** Receive a custom-tailored style blueprint crafted exclusively for you. Crystal Ivy will define and refine your unique style, incorporating the latest trends, colours, and silhouettes that align seamlessly with your personality and goals.


4. **Luxury Shopping Experience: ** Enjoy a VIP shopping experience guided by Crystal Ivy's expert eye. Gain exclusive access to high-end boutiques and designer showrooms, ensuring you have access to the most coveted pieces in the fashion world.


5. **Complete Outfit Curation:** Crystal Ivy will assemble head-to-toe outfits for every occasion, ensuring your wardrobe is versatile, functional, and fashion-forward. Say goodbye to outfit dilemmas and hello to effortless style.


6. **Personalized Styling Tips: ** Learn invaluable styling tips, tricks, and techniques from Crystal Ivy herself. Discover how to mix and match, accessorize, and adapt your style to different settings.


7. **Concierge-Level Service: ** Experience the epitome of luxury with personalized appointments, private fitting rooms, and tailored shopping itineraries. Crystal Ivy ensures every shopping excursion is a memorable experience.


8. **Quality Assurance:** Trust in Crystal Ivy's discerning eye for quality and craftsmanship. She'll ensure that each piece selected for your

wardrobe is of the highest standard and value.


9. **Ongoing Support:** Your style transformation doesn't end with the consultation. Crystal Ivy London is dedicated to your long-term success,

offering post-consultation support, fashion updates, and advice.



Prepare to elevate your style to new heights under the guidance of Crystal Ivy London. Unleash your fashion potential, redefine your image, and radiate confidence with every step. 


This is not just a style makeover; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Book your One-on-One Personal Styling Package with Crystal Ivy London today and embark on a journey to becoming the best-dressed version of yourself. Your style evolution awaits!


What’s Included?

  •  1 hour 30 minute style consultation session with Crystal (In- Person or Virtual.

  •  A personalized ‘Style Roadmap’ that visually outlines your new sense of style

  • 3-hour closet clean up session with Crystal.

  •  Shops and styles a variety of looks for you while you live your life!

  •  3-hour in-person styling session with Crystal

  •  A personalized goodie bag filled with useful items to help you feel your very best

  •  1-hour in-person or virtual follow-up session to help you maintain your look

Choose Your Focus

Before we dive in, it's essential for you to define your focus and set your budget. Achieving a commanding presence in the world of style requires precision and a clear direction.

**OPTION 1: THE CORPORATE MAVERICK (Professional and Workplace Attire)**

If your current style doesn't align with your professional identity or, even worse, still reflects a previous job title, then this option is tailored for you. The Corporate Maverick is all about harmonizing your style with your exceptional business acumen. As a result, clients often see their careers soar and their paychecks grow, all thanks to an upgraded sense of style.

**OPTION 2: REDISCOVER YOUR ALLURE (Social and Dating Wardrobe)**
Whether you've found yourself back on the dating scene after a breakup or divorce, or you're simply tired of being the perpetual "single" friend, 'Rediscover Your Allure' is the ideal choice. Navigating the dating world can be challenging, but crafting the perfect look to capture a potential partner's heart doesn't have to be. Yes, you can find love through style.

**OPTION 3: PROJECT ENRICH YOUR LIFE (Weekend and Casual Outfits)**
A life filled with all work and no play can become monotonous. Project Enrich Your Life is all about injecting fun and style into your everyday existence. Having the right attire to fully embrace life's adventures, leisure activities, and the daily grind is a crucial ingredient for genuine contentment.


Determine Your Budget

Exceptional personal styling services cater to a range of budget preferences. You have the flexibility to decide how much you'd like to allocate to your wardrobe portion of the experience, and Crystal will handle the rest.

With the 'Savvy Spender' option, Crystal will meticulously search through high-street boutiques, discount stores, and outlets to uncover the finest choices that won't strain your budget.

Embracing the art of blending high-end pieces with affordable finds is a style favoured by some of the world's most influential and chic women, including icons like Michelle Obama and Olivia Palermo. Crystal will expertly strike the perfect balance between luxury and thrift with the 'Luxe & Thrift' option.

Pamper yourself with the crème de la crème of the fashion world through the 'Indulge in Luxury' option. If designer brands are household names for you, then this choice is your ultimate gateway to opulence and refinement.

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