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Bridal Bliss with Crystal Ivy London: Your Journey to Wedding Day Perfection

Embark on a bridal journey like no other with our exquisite Bridal Package, personally curated by the acclaimed fashion stylist, Crystal Ivy London. This package is designed to make every moment leading up to your special day a memory to cherish, ensuring that you and your bridal party look and feel absolutely radiant.

What the Bridal Package Includes:

1. **Bridal Wardrobe Consultation:** Crystal Ivy London will be your trusted guide throughout your bridal attire selection process. From helping you choose the perfect wedding dress to finding the right jewellery, shoes, and accessories, she will ensure that you exude bridal elegance at every turn.

2. **Bridesmaid Styling:** Your bridesmaids deserve to look their best too. Crystal will work closely with your bridal party to create a cohesive and stunning ensemble that complements your vision and theme, ensuring everyone feels confident and radiant.


3. **Hair and Makeup Session:** Prior to your wedding day, indulge in a professional hair and makeup session that will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best. Crystal will collaborate with a skilled makeup artist and hairstylist to create a bridal look that perfectly matches your style and personality.

4. **Personalized Bridal Styling:** Crystal Ivy London will be by your side every step of the way, offering expert advice on bridal fashion, wardrobe choices, and accessories. Whether you're dreaming of a classic, modern, or bohemian bridal look, Crystal will bring your vision to life.


5. **Fittings and Alterations:** Enjoy the luxury of private fittings to ensure that your wedding dress fits flawlessly. Any necessary alterations will be made to guarantee a comfortable and elegant fit for your special day.

6. **Day-of Support:** On your wedding day, Crystal Ivy London will be present to provide any last-minute adjustments, ensuring you and your bridal party are picture-perfect and stress-free.

7. **Timeless Wedding Photoshoot:** Capture the magic of your wedding day with a professionally coordinated photoshoot. Crystal will oversee the shoot, ensuring that every moment is beautifully preserved.

Experience the joy of wedding planning with confidence, knowing that Crystal Ivy London is dedicated to making your bridal dreams come true. Whether you envision a lavish celebration or an intimate gathering, this Bridal Package is designed to help you shine with unparalleled grace and sophistication on your special day.

Book your Bridal Package today and embark on a journey to wedding day perfection, surrounded by the expertise and care of Crystal Ivy London. Your bridal bliss begins here!

What’s Included?

•  1-hour 30-minute consultation session with Crystal
• 45-minute virtual ‘Style Discovery’ sess
ion with Crystal

• A personalized ‘Style Roadmap’ that visually outlines your new sense of style


Here is where it gets good:

• Professional hair and makeup session with top stylists
• Styling session with Crystal and an on-site tailor to fit your clothes to perfection
• Food and beverages of your choice
• Personalized gift bag filled with items to maintain your A-list look
• 30-minute virtual follow-up session to help you maintain your look

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